18 July 2016

Ready To Begin Flight Operations.

99% complete, just have to varnish it. A non-scale kit from the second Space Battleship Yamato anime series.

Next item in the queue takes me back to 'Operation M' and three cosmo navy crusiers from the modern 'Space Battleship Yamato 2199' series.


Dutch_Law said...

Hey there mate, nice spaceships. I've got half a dozen of the same breed from 20 some years ago. They don't look quite as pretty as yours, but they've got some character to them all the same. Did you ever finish your project? Please share!

Derek Fulton said...


There certainly is a lot of character and style :)

The painting queue got a bit held up by the large influx of 28mm scale mostly American WW2 troops and vehicles. But that block is almost out of the way now, It just kept growing and wasn't helped by the fact the these miniatures aren't tied to a specific set of rules. At last count I have at least half a dozen sets of WW2 wargame rules and that doesn't include KonFlikt'47.