24 November 2016

Another Find.

I have spent the last couple of weeks visiting my parents up in Townsville, Queensland. If you look carefully in the image below you can see Townsville on the horizon, off in the distance.

While I was there a friend gave me this. My old copy of 'Ultra Modern Army Lists & Organisation. Volume 2'.

Another find to add to my growing collection on old wargaming stuff.

04 November 2016

A Good Game Is A Fast Game, At Good Games.

Lachlan and I went along to to Good Games, Hobart last Wednesday night for some 'Bolt Action'. We watched a couple of games and then got stuck in ourselves.

The scenario objective was to capture or kill, preferably capture Lachlan's fallschirmjager platoon commander. Lachlan and I settled in for a game of mayhem which came to a screaming halt as my Sherman tank dropped a building own Lachlan's commander bring the game to a quick end.

'Sgt Slaughter' (that's what I'm calling the squad NCO I've mentioned in previous posts) didn't even get a look in, much to the relief of his squad.