04 November 2016

A Good Game Is A Fast Game, At Good Games.

Lachlan and I went along to to Good Games, Hobart last Wednesday night for some 'Bolt Action'. We watched a couple of games and then got stuck in ourselves.

The scenario objective was to capture or kill, preferably capture Lachlan's fallschirmjager platoon commander. Lachlan and I settled in for a game of mayhem which came to a screaming halt as my Sherman tank dropped a building own Lachlan's commander bring the game to a quick end.

'Sgt Slaughter' (that's what I'm calling the squad NCO I've mentioned in previous posts) didn't even get a look in, much to the relief of his squad.


Ski said...

Slow clap.

Very nice.

Derek Fulton said...

"I was aiming for the horse ...." Magnificent Seven.