20 November 2017

Broadening My Horizon

I'm always ready to check out a set of wargame rules and a recent game of Bolt action has spurred me to purchase a copy of a platoon level set of world war two rules 'Chain Of Command' published by 'Two Fat Lardies'. This has been something I've been meaning to do for quite a while, I already purchased a pdf copy of first edition 'Sharp Practice' and the accompanying supplement 'The Compleat Fondler' some time a go and liked what I saw.

Everything I seen and read about Chain of Command promised it could be a interesting set of rules and now I had the chance to read through them I'm looking forward to getting to playing a game. The pre-game patrol phase and the 'jump off' points actually allow for hidden deployment 

I've also purchased the campaign supplement and a few of their 'pint sized' campaign supplements as well, it's looks like I'm falling down the rabbit hole with this one.

As well 'Chain Of Command' a copy of the new KonFlikt'47 supplement 'Resurgence' and the core rule book for 'Battlegroup' published by Plastic Soldier have also appeared on my doorstep. Lachlan has given 'Resurgence' an read and is pleased by what he's seen in the book.

I'm hoping Battlegroup will provide a replacement for 'Flames Of War' after encountering the marketing exercise that is the new edition. 


pancerni said...

Good luck with the 'oooh, shiny,'... it is the only way to get new favorites.

Derek Fulton said...

'Wargamer', also a synonym for 'magpie' :)