30 April 2018

Lost In .....

SSSSPPPAAACCCEEE ....... Ok, I'll admit to giving the NETFLIX series 'Lost In Space' a watch, I'm old enough to have watched the original when it was broadcast on the TV, syndicated reruns and the new series is nothing like it. No quirky space alien of the week, instead the characters have to survive the alien planet and each other. It's quite good, and I'd recommend giving it a watch.

But even accounting for this one moment of weakness, my progress on my Infinity miniatures is tracking along nicely. I've divided my time between actual miniatures and assembling terrain to fight around. 

And here we see Lachlan swearing blind that he's not at all interested in playing Infinity  .... Not in the slightest .... Never. Ever! All while soundly thrashing me playing ..... you guessed it. Infinity, after all if I'm going to paint the miniatures and assemble the terrain. It's only right he put it to good use.


chris said...

Glad to see you have the proportions right, 6 minis 16 bits of terrain, hahaha, I love this game but it really caught me out on the terrain.

Derek Fulton said...

G'Day Chris

Oh there's even more terrain to come :)