11 April 2018

Those Long Dark Nights ....

Winter is coming and with it those long dark nights and come Monday Beth will be travelling for work for the next eight weeks, what to do? But wait, what is this? A box full of goodies, just the prescription that will save me from the temptation that is NETFLIX.

Of course there's some loot for Beth too, but of course she'll have to wait until she's home for her trip.

I've blocked out a plan that involves completing the miniatures in the Red Veil pack, I'll expand my  Yu Jing and Haqqislam forces to their full 300 points by following the suggestions in the booklet the came with the pack. One would hope that the guys who produce the game won't steer me too wrong?

I'll follow that up with the Beyond Red Veil Expansion pack, altogether this should provide me with a good selection of miniatures with which I can play (at least in the short term ..... ).

Sounds like a plan, right? Then Beth struck. This turned up at work the other day.

Back around our birthdays Beth had taken advantage of Corvis Belli's pre-order bundle for the Japanese Secessionist Army (JSA) and now it's here.

BUT here's me staying on task. I will not falter in my goal, NETFLIX will not tempt me.


Ski said...

Wow, that's awesome. I have to ask what you do at work given what's on your screen.

Derek Fulton said...


I'm a research assistant at the CSIRO, mostly I make simple animations and graphics to help explain the work other much smarter people like Beth do. Here's a example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLLJ9LcryT8.

The model on the screen is a spiny lobster.