24 June 2019

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor ....

..... they drive.

Late last year my Dad passed away and recently Beth and I drove from Tasmania to Townsville in North Queensland to help Mum go through his books, miniatures and model kits.

We decided to drive and traveled over 7100 kms, following the coast upto Townsville and returning via the inland route. I couldn't help but call the trip: #thereandbackagain which of course meant I could refer to the boys who stayed home and looked after the 'Shire' (home) as the 'Sackville Baggins'. There were a few comments made in return but we all could agree the route home was akin to travelling through Mordor. Long hours, seemingly driving alone, along a road that stretches to the horizon and beyond. Occasionally we would dodge road trains, whose drivers seemed to take perverse delight in shaving years off the lives of any other unfortunate road user they might pass by.

The inland route home. Long, flat, straight and dry ... the wastes of Mordor?
Amongst the items that came home with us was Dad's collections 2 & 6mm napoleonic miniatures and terrain. But Dad's copy of the 'The Irregular Miniatures Napoleonic Rule Box' had gone walkabout, the odds are he might have used them as book marks. The rules are printed on a series of small cards and as I've been going through the books that came home with us I've been finding some very useful 'bookmarks' that have been returned to where they belong. But no 'The Irregular Miniatures Napoleonic Rule Box' cards though, fortunately it's still up for sale at the Irregular Miniatures website. So I ordered myself a copy which turned up in the mail not too long ago.

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