30 July 2019

un, deux, trois ...

... and here we see the progression in three images of the current batch of French line which I have just completed. Of course I'm moving on to the next batch.

un, deux, trois

Carl came over Saturday afternoon and we worked our way through a game of 'General d'Armee'. I fielded my French and Carl, his Austrians, we each had an infantry division with a battery of artillery. Of course there were the inevitable stops and starts and page turning as we stepped trough our very first game. we played until close to 5:00pm when Carl had to go but we are going to try again in a fortnight at his place.

My initial reaction to this set of rules is good. Simple mechanics, rolling multiple D6s, though not the at the 'buckets of dice' level. Although the rules are a development of another tabletop wargame rule set by the author covering the American Civil War, 'Pickett's Charge'. These rules propel you towards a 'tabletop napoleonic wargame' and are not just another set of generic horse and musket rules. In fact I'm tempted at a later date to purchase 'Pickett's Charge' to compare how the the author incorporated the period flavour into each of the rule sets.

We rushed over the deployment phase but I'm going to try to have a game with my son Lachlan this coming weekend and take the time to do this section of the game properly. Any game that from the get go, encourages a tabletop wargamer to have troops in reserve and deploy in depth is immediately worth a second look.

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