Fantasy Campaign Map

Here is a map I made up for a fantasy campaign I tried to set up back in July 2002. The campaign was a non starter but I did have the completed map.

The map itself was done in a Friday night and following Saturday afternoon session and I cheated a lot, I scanned in trees, mountains, hills, etc from various fantasy supplements and rulebooks and turning them into brushes and painting them all over the map. There are three types of settlements on the map, city, town and village, ten of the the cities were to be the starting point for the player controlled nations (guess where the undead play was expected to start from). Each nation would own their city and what ever was in the six adjacent hexes and from there the players would expand their borders of their respective nations. Settlements are named somewhat unimaginatively, 'Settlement 1', 'Settlement 2' and so on because once the campaign began the players could be expected to rename to the settlements themselves.

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